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The following links will give you more information about NCL


Medical Centers

University Medical Center Hamburg, Department of Pediatrics, Germany

NCL-Net headquarter, complete NCL Diagnostics Facility, and NCL-Clinic

NCL-Organisations and Foundations

NCL Gruppe Deutschland e.V. (German)

German NCL Parents Organisation

NCL Stiftung (German)

Non-profit organisation to support NCL-research 

Batten Disease and Research Association (BDSRA)

NCL Parents Organisation in USA and Canada

Batten Disease Family Association

A supportive, informative, national networking organisation for the families, carers and professionals giving care to children and adults with Batten Disease and promoting awareness of, and research into, the disease


Private Websites

Frederik Egold: Juvenile NCL (German)

Clara Dyck, Late Infantile NCL (German)

International Links


NCL Mutation Database

Database containing all NCL gene mutations that have been identified so far


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